EZ-BINDER for CS 1.6

Binds for WC3, UWC3, SuperHero mods

EZ-Binder replaces the "kb_act.lst" file in your cstrike folder. kbact.lst is everything that shows up in Options -> Keyboard.
With this you can easily bind commands such as wcmend & wcrepair in a few clicks without having to bring up the console.

A screenshot will explain things better:


Features include:

* Bind UWC3 ultimates + ablities
* Bind AMX Mod Menus
* Bind shopmenu items
* Bind UWC3 ultimates+ablities
* Bind Superhero powers

There is also a bind which will stop ambient sound (cs_italy; de_aztec) AND the cs_seige echo, in the same button.

DOWNLOAD .exe (fpsbanana.com)

-Warning: this WILL overwrite your userconfig.cfg, so back it up. If you have no clue what userconfig.cfg is, ignore this warning, as it probably doesn't exist.